Bitcoin Cash - appealing narrative

Hi All!

Today we Long Bitcoin Cash . It has setup a strong trend, and has some serious effort behind it. It seems like THE LIZARDS are in control, must-read: .

Entry: 0.19
Target: 0.28
Stop-Loss: 0.15

OR DO THIS: hedge your bitcoins with bitcoin cash , 1:1 -> you will save some grey hair on your scalp, at the very least.

  • 25k btc on @bitfinex by Roger
  • 10k @BittrexExchange
  • 10k @Poloniex
  • @rogerkver will strike. Why 2.5 times more on finex? $BTC assault.
  • Bitcoin Cash offers interesting narratives such as being original Satoshi's vision, without centralised Segwit. -> I am not taking stance here, but I am also not ignoring this Bitcoin world tremor.
  • However, do not forget that the Grayscale Inv trust holds holds 173,014 coins, which will be liquidated till the EOTY 2017.

Happy trading! ;)

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