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As Bitcoin             civil war continues, so are we.... Bearish or Bullish?

Beats playing Eve Online :P

Its hard not to take notice of recent events, BTC             , still the king and holding strong but we see some dips coming in the near future and with opposite colorations on prices, makes a solid indicator to trade with, been a very powerful week with market cap peaking out at $212 bln.

We saw huge gains with BCH, it has a very solid feel about it and hugely manipulated so trade wisely on that one.

So expecting BTC             to break down to $4k level at the most, slight chance of $3800 with support, we can go as high as $7k again but not seeing this until next week, but as always dont bet against bitcoin!

Big difference is Bitcoin Cash            

BCH levels of support at 900/1000, BTC             rise would push on that and could break down further, so heads up just in case.

Currently within a triangle and looking to see if it breaks up out towards the fib levels for resistance, take easy profits there, this could break either way if reaches over 1400 we will see further movement towards $2,000 and possibly a retest of the ATH            
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