BEL / BTC (Binance) SWING trade 600% potential


☝🏻 BEL is a token that has always made us happy and has met TP levels on several setups. In addition to our open middle-term trade, I really like this long-term opportunity that the chart offers. It is more than 1200% apart from its highest real high on a BTC pair, and the overall concept indicates the possibility of attacking at least half of this potential.

👌🏻 I like the nicely leveled structure after the huge collapse. The price drop gradually weakened until it twisted at the bottom, found a market price and created strong All Time Low support. He was able to create a higher high at the highest TFs, and thanks to that I observe a potential change in the long-term momentum in the event of overcoming the last high. At the bottom of the whole cycle, a huge symmetrical triangle was created, which seems to me one-way.

👍🏻 The chart has a good time and a month to leave this structure, but for long-term trade it is ideal to accumulate positions already in the apex and just below the Point of Control of this triangle. Setup is for several months and offers extreme avg . RRR - 8.33 with the latest TP up to 647% of the current price. I would like to draw your attention to a very deep but safe SL 54%, so be sure to follow the established Money Management for this trade and enter with a small % of capital.

✅ BUYZONE - 3647-4635sat. StopLoss - 1898sat (54%). Take Profit marked on the chart.
❕ ATTENTION to Money Management. SL timeout 10min. Trailing TP 10%
1D chart: