BEL/USDT signals, The wave is coming, hungry up!!!

I saw 2 great signals for a bullish cycle of BZX protocol (BZRX/USDT) and BELLA protocol (BEL/USDT).
- RSI breakout signal bearish trend and Filbo timezone on both coins.
- MACD is breaking up
- If the price to $0.75 is the bottom of the previous accumulation, everyone will buy a lot so I think it's impossible. We can buy at $1 - $1.2 which is great.
- The filbo timezone i draw is correctly time is 90%, so for the number 3, please find the good buy yourself!
- BTC weekly candlestick RSI will also break this decline if current prices hold.
-The last drop below 30k was a beautiful bearrap
- Other coins are also showing positive signs as good news has hit the market
- I don't think BTC will go to $25k or $20k because then this game won't be difficult anymore, the big hands can't buy it at that level so they have accumulated a lot of BTC in the $30k area
- Fear & Greed index score from 10 last week and this week is 32, showing that a lot of people are no longer afraid but are turning to greed, this is a great thing to create 1 long growth wave.

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Comment: This price are my favorite entry
Comment: What your entry in this trend?