BIT BitDAO Price Target after Court approves FTX Liquidation

Given the recent developments in the crypto space, there are several factors that point towards a bearish outlook:

FTX Liquidation of $3.4 Billion in Crypto Assets: The approval by the Delaware Bankruptcy Court for FTX to liquidate $3.4 billion in crypto assets is a significant event. This influx of a substantial amount of cryptocurrency into the market could potentially lead to an oversupply situation. When a large amount of assets is dumped into the market at once, it can put downward pressure on prices.

Limited Sales in the First Week: The imposed limit of $50 million for the first week indicates a controlled release of these assets. This may imply that FTX anticipates potential market disruption if a large volume is sold at once. However, even with controlled release, the market could still experience downward pressure.

Potential for Increased Limits: The provision for increasing the limit with the approval of the creditors’ committee and ad hoc committee, or potentially even up to $200 million weekly with court approval, shows that there's room for further selling pressure in the coming weeks.

Binance US CEO Resignation: The resignation of Binance US President and CEO, Brian Shroder, could potentially signal internal challenges within the exchange. Leadership changes in major crypto exchanges can lead to uncertainty and can impact market sentiment.

Asset List: The assets listed for liquidation include some of the major cryptocurrencies in the market such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, WBTC, WETH, USDT, SOL, XRP, STG, APT, BIT, DOGE, MATIC, FTT, TON and more. If a significant portion of these assets are sold off, it could have a widespread impact on the market.

Market Sentiment and Confidence: These events combined might lead to a loss of confidence in the crypto market, especially if investors perceive them as signs of instability or potential oversupply.

Regulatory Considerations: The fact that a bankruptcy court is involved in this process highlights the regulatory environment surrounding cryptocurrencies. Heightened regulatory scrutiny or intervention can have a dampening effect on the market.

Considering the above, my Price Target for BIT BitDAO is $0.32.

Looking forward to read your opinion about it.


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