Bitcoin cycles: Bitcoin Tree?

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After the order of magnitude change theory, here is another form-breaking theory that has not been studied so far: The “bitcoin tree” theory! Yes, you read well: tree. Simply because it resembles a tree. Each peak-to-peak cycle represents 1-1 right and left branches. Over time, it will release a nice tall tree. Just as trees and plants grow in nature in a regular, proportional way, so bitcoin is also characterized by this kind of fractal growth and regularity.

Bitcoin tree on common lows:
Again, we use top-to-top cycles. At the top is the green, first cycle, with the first known exchange rate on the left. During the next cycle from 2011 to 2013, and so on. What’s even more interesting is that I have continuously adjusted these cycles from the current 2018 low, which was $ 3222, 10-10x higher. This is how it becomes bitcoin tree.

What is striking at first is that the angles measured at the end of the branches of the tree are symmetrical. Combining these gives the boundaries of the “canopy”.
The first green cycle is 20 to 20 degrees
The second purple cycle is 40 to 41 degrees
The third cycle 108 - 108? degrees

There are minimal differences, but they are too tiny. They used to say bitcoin is math, well now a little geometry too. Over time, more and more branches of the cycle will be added to the tree and can provide increasingly accurate predictions of expected growth.
There’s something else worth mentioning here: The 2011 top of the burgundy cycle exactly coincides with the 2017 top of the orange cycle. This, of course, can be coincidental. To give it more serious significance, there is still little data available at the moment. However, it will be worth paying attention to the low of the burgundy cycle because there is a chance that the top of the current blue cycle will fall roughly there. That’s at 322K, right at $ 3222 ten times the 2018 low. Possibly the 2013 top of the orange cycle could be another top for the current cycle, pointing to 150K. Either way, I consider the target price in the green rectangle between the two to be entirely conceivable, as well as having the red (-108 °) line at the top of the cycle.

In the case of bitcoin, it is worth abstracting from traditional analyzes because bitcoin is fundamentally different from stocks in traditional markets. So far, every time the price has met the line at the angle marked in red, the trend has taken the opposite direction. Somehow the whole tree is too harmonious to ignore this theory.

Bitcoin tree theory states that the canopy grows at almost the same angle on both sides.

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