Two Potential BTC Future Paths

BNC:BLX   BraveNewCoin Liquid Index for Bitcoin
Bearish scenario on upper portion of chart, bullish scenario on lower portion
This is a logarithmic chart for BLX , Brave New Coin Liquid Index which can be read about here:

Bearish scenario: BTC continues drive towards long term orange trendline, finally bottoming out around $3,000 before slow steady increase over $10,000 in 2019 followed by bullish explosion in 2020/2021 with targets exceeding $300,000

Bullish scenario: 2018 has been a bear trap $20,000 to $6,000, and previous high ($20,000) was a bump before a run to 300% increase to $60,000, followed by retrace to the orange long term trend line

White verticals: halving (estimated)
Blue verticals: Fibonacci time sequence
Orange trend: long term log trendline
Green wave: sine line
Comment: in terms of the bullish scenario, the drop in 2013 was around 75%, in 2018 a similar drop would take BTC to ~$5,000
if only you knew how bad things really are
Comment: well, still waiting for a decision