Bitcoin Meets Elliott Fibonacci: The Definitive Count

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Bitcoin’s run thus far has been wild. The future will only get wilder.
Most Elliotticians predict that we are in a primary Wave 5 currently however, my big macro count differs at bit.

Firstly, let it be known that Wave 3 isn’t mandated to end at the 1.618 level. I’ve made the mistake in assuming this too many times; all bad. Therefore it’s important to actually take the time and count the waves. Also, just to put it out there, if Wave 2 and 4 are both zig zags within an impulse, I consider the count likely invalid. This is what I’m seeing in most predictions that predict we are in a primary Wave 5 cycle. It sort of irks me but to each their own. All forms of analysis is subjective after all.

Watch out for the huge drop near $110-$120K. This rollercoaster ride will not be free.