"The law of alternation" (btc)

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The rule of Alternation:

There is a general tendency for the pattern of the two corrective swings in a completed 5-wave sequence to alternate between a simple (very often an ABC ) correction and one of the more complicated or complex Elliott corrections.

The law of alternation states: if wave 2 is a simple correction, wave 4 will be complex. In the contrarian case, if wave 2 is complex, wave 4 will be simple.


As you can see since the beginning of time, the corrections have alternated between simple ones, and complex structures.

Covid crash was a simple zig-zag , which leads me to believe that this wave 4 is going to be complex.

i do think we will be seeing 22k by march\april of next year, but it won't go down without a fight.

nobody knows when the top is going to be in for this current move, but i theorize it'll be anywhere between 51~59k before it enters into a triangle \ complex distribution phase - similar to what we've seen in the past.

i'm in no way bearish on btc , in fact i've some extraordinary upside targets for the future - just not before this correction ends.

we flow with the waves in either direction, and we move with the markets, forever and a day.

ps. i'll stay trying to trade the shorter term structures as they come, but they're getting harder and harder to decrypt as we near the end of this move.


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