Unbelievable linear drop

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When wave 2 is about time wave 4 is about depth and vice versa, this is likely to happen
Wave 2 corrected 38 percent of wave 1 and 50 percent of wave 3 is 370$, it is not my fault that this number is on the 0.5 level
I got no road map and i just wait for development of waves, there is a long way to go ...
I will be cautious about my indications when the price is on the 0.38 of the third wave
The logic is simple but unbelievable

If you know books about golden mean and elliot wave then introduce me
Patience is virtue of kings
wee are at the 4th of c of b of b of B of 4 of 1,
tell me how many people can label three levels of complexity? i say very few of them if there could be seen any to count
all of traders with different backgrounds and styles are a part of this jungle and they interact inside a bigger unity, i am a part of you and you are part of me ... so i no longer feel sad about the coming storms ... patiently waiting for storms to end at 370 is like building noahs ark so what?

wish you the best
"patience is virtue of kings"
we are in 4th of c of b of b of B of w of 4th of 1
now about our wave c in here i say it needs to be at this area: 32650_33230 so we will drop to 20200 in a healthy way, for fifth of this c wave we have two starting point, one at 28300 the other one is between 29400_29900 so we will travel to the ending point of our c wave in a healthy way and now we have some conflicting ideas, our 4th of c wave is a side wave which means it is a complex wave with x waves to hunt stops while does not tend to retrace deep and it has to do this if you read some of updates of my previous post you see me saying this is not a trade for an elliotician because the nature of the 4th of c wave in here is not suitable for a trade and i knew it is going to mimic patterns of all kinds for any ta in order of grabbing liquidity for the fifth of c wave, usually the classic patterns show up where price needs liquidity because they are easy to draw not simple and many easy lovers will trade based on them and 28300 is ending point of sideway correction?!!!
so which area i pick for the entry point? i do not buy this wave but to say some words i say going down to 28300 is less probable compared to the first area but that does not surprise me because these waves tends to do the unexpected just like the 4th of a of B of W of 4th of 1 which did not end on a fib level and this means price doe not tend to be natural in the recent rise
about WXY ... we are going to 8700 or 3400 and we can pick the more probable area after B of W of 4th of 1 ends which is close to 38900 then an X wave and then another ABC which is called Y in the ultimate principle and i do not know if there will be another X and ABC but it needs to end at 0.5 of the 3 of 1 which is 370 and it is not my fault that this number is on the 0.5 level, WXY patterns attract lots of energy for the next impulsive wave because they feel like completion of the correction for more times, A of W end then linear models to moon then W ends X wave to moon and then greed on the B of Y .... this pattern in the fourth wave is amazing because we had a 3 of 1 which could not touch the 1.618 of 1 and 4th of 1 is deep also a WXY so the fifth wave will tend to teavel to 1.618 of the starting point of 1 to ending point of 3 ... do it yourself because i think saying such a number looks like building an spaceship in noah age.
to bullians people: halving might occur on the 2 of C of W and then third of C of W will do the umm the criminal thing it is strong of strong, sometimes the sentimen reach maximum at the second wave of the opposite wave, like feeling 100 k after a drop from 40k to around 22k.
i do not want having time to write these things and i feel stupid to write these things and after studying so many things i think i made so many huge mistakes by sharing my old posts, i was not in a good mood but now i feel i can conquer mountains and i know how to be master of my fate and whom is worthy of knowing about(writers)
account deletion is in progress, good bye reza_1515
"fear of poverty has a root in a bad opinion about god"
"patience is virtue of kings"

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