Binance Coin (BNBBTC) Goes Bullish (Targets)

I am looking at Binance Coin ( BNBBTC ) on both the daily and weekly time frames.

I actually looked at BNB two days ago, just before it started to move and it is looking pretty now.

  • We have a very strong break on the daily RSI , now reaching above 75.

  • The weekly RSI is also going bullish after coming out of oversold.

  • The weekly chart is very telling; left side. Look at the formation of the last three candles... This is really bullish .

  • Our main target will be 0.00150. We go from there.

  • All targets on chart.

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Comment: We hit our main target... It looks like this climb will continue.

This is good news. If Binance is going up in value that means that something positive is coming for it...
Comment: And it is doing great numbers.
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