Boliden AB ''Possible Short'' to 78% Fibonacci level

We'll see how it plays out. I'll keep you updated.
Comment: Boliden AB bounced a little higher than expected, it must be the correlation with gold.
We'v seen upside on gold this last month or two, but I expect a drop in gold in the summer period and therefore I think Boliden AB will follow.
Comment: I can’t be right every time.
The stock went higher than expected but has now dribbled back down to my initial target. See some structural changes.
I need to take a new look at the stock. I’ll keep you updated.
Comment: Price is back to initial target 233 where I expected the price to drop lower...

On higher time frames, I see more down side for the Stock, but as gold has had it's run in 2019 the Stock might simply follow the gold price, but we'll see.
Comment: Boliden AB what can I say- my timing was off on this one...

Price action spiked higher along with the gold price and now you can see price dropping as the gold price is in a consolidation...

Sometime timing is everything... I live and I learn..