Strong chart, buy low. Price contained within bullish range. two primary options for BULLS. BUY at market and/or focus on buying 20-40% dips now. BULLS seek to BUY/HOLD exit +300%. 500% gains BUY/HOLD setup. exit near point D +500% gains. BULLS got a cycle low at point C and BUY/HOLD after pullback. BULLS get ready to BUY near C. TP bulls is +500% gains later. exit near point D +150% gains. expecting re-test of heavy resistance. details: see chart. FINAL TP is +300% gains. recommended strategy: BUY/HOLD 20-40% dips. recommended strategy: BUY DIPS/PULLBACKS. TP BULLS 700USD. SWING TRADE: BUY/HOLD IT. bull run not over yet