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Bitcoin Dominance is a measure of how much of the total market cap of crypto is comprised of Bitcoin . It can help you understand the trend of BTC and alts. See the current Bitcoin dominance.
The most important thing about Bitcoin Dominance is that it can help you understand if altcoins are in a downtrend or uptrend against BTC .

When BTC Dominance goes up, alts, on the whole, lose value against BTC .
When BTC Dominance goes down, alts on the whole, gain value vs BTC .
This means in most cases you’ll want to be in Bitcoin (or cash) when Bitcoin Dominance is in an uptrend, and then want to be in alts (including ETH, large caps, mid caps, low caps, etc) when Bitcoin Dominance is in a downtrend.

Of course, Bitcoin Dominance can have different implications on different time frames, and it is ultimately only one tool in a trader’s toolkit.
In short, though, it is important to learn how to read the Bitcoin dominance chart. Luckily it is only a click away at TradingView. 😉Also this is just one indicator in order to make a accurate prediction on the market you should always do your own research and make sure to provide yourself with many indicators when it comes to your trading choices.

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