BTC: $57700 is Definitely on Table but Can go up to $68100

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Hi Everyone! We have a new 4-Week candle. I simply need to point out $57,700 at the Orange Upper B-Band is our current new target. Don't be surprised if we blow past that up to the Red Upper B-Band near $68,100.

We still have 27-Days remaining in the current 4-Week candle. The reason for mentioning this is due to us still having upward pressure remaining in the current 4-Week candle. We know this because the White Energy has not come down to level 50 yet. White Energy could possibly be at level 50 the next 4-Week candle. Which would indicate we may see a pullback at the end of this 4-Week candle or beginning of the next 4-Week candle. So, we may see a pullback shortly after potentially testing the All Time High (ATH) at the Red Upper B-Band. Which could be this 4-Week candle or the next 4-Week candle.

I'll provide a more detailed update with a video soon.

Stay Awesome!


Two Important Historical Facts about the indicators in the 2-Week time frame:

Historical Fact #1:
Every time "both" Red and Blue Lines rise above Aqua Level 90, we
tend to see the price action push up to proximity of the Red Upper
B-Band in this 2-Week time frame. Red Upper B-Band currently at
$71,358 at this writing.

Historical Fact #2:
Every time in history in which the Red Line is above Aqua Level 90;
we can see the Aqua Upper B-Band hold as support on a pullback.
However, there are times the price may fall further. In which case,
the White Upper B-Band will generally hold as support during our
Macro Bull Trend.

The Aqua Upper B-Band is currently sitting at $51,940 at this writing
and the White Upper B-Band is currently sitting at $45,925. But also
keep in mind the "Upper" B-Bands are currently "rising." I'm pointing
out the Upper B-Bands are currently rising because if we were to see
a pullback soon, it may not be the current 2-Week candle but could
potentially pull back the "next" 2-Week candle. Well, the price of
the White Upper and Aqua Upper B-Bands the "next" 2-Week candle
will be "higher" than what they are currently.

The price of the Aqua Upper B-Band the next 2-Week candle may be
around $57,000 and the price of the White Upper B-Band the next
2-Week candle may be around $49,900.


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