This BTC correction similar to July 2017

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It took 3 weeks after the 41% correction from $3000 to $1758 from June to July 16, 2017 for Bitcoin to recover and surpass $3000 again. Four months later it peaked at $19892 on 12/17/17.

The 53.8% correction from $64899 to this morning's low at $30000 is similar to the mid-cycle correction in 2017. It should take about 4 weeks for Bitcoin to surpass $64899 again. I suspect after it will multiply at least 2-4 fold three months after and top in the latter part of Sep 2021 based on the golden ratio time chart theory proposed by tradingshot on trading view. JMHO


well done sir, I was part of that correction in 2017 and I see the same pattern now✅🤘! I appreciate your reassurance with this analysis and will brave this bloody storm with diamond hands until that golden sunshine rises!
That was when I lost my potential fortune. I tried to leverage my way out instead of waiting. You are right this feels like that time. I am sitting on my hands and letting things ride out this time.