BITCOIN - Could Break Out Soon

INDEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
BTC getting to the narrow end of this wedge its been in since November, had a little fakeout and testing the upper trendline.

It has twice bounced off the RSI lower band and surely some sort of bounce is coming.

It could of course fall back into the wedge - who knows really, but an upside break is coming sooner than later I think.

Probably time to have sip of coffee and wake up, when a real break happens to the upside, alts - especially those that are oversold like ADA and OMG will likely pump.

Not advice.
Comment: Comment below made me think to say that when I denote a BTC thread "long" it doesn't necessarily mean that I am buying BTC. Dominant trend is down for BTC and I'm looking to find the dead cat bounces because there may be plenty to long still in alts.