#bitcoin when to buy made easy. Not advice. D.Y.O.R.

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
First thing you need is my custom MACD (6, 13, close, 31). Then just use signal line. Mark all first days up from a bottom with light blue vertical. Then set up RSI use default. Have marked with purple vertical when big drop in price touches lower green horizontal level. Only one allowed (I guess) between two light blue verticals. Once you done I looked for two fractals, the last being a lower low and boxed in orange. I then took the first light blue vertical after that, and the high of that day was the significant resistance to break with a close above it. Simple but deadly. Watch out for whipsaw. Not advice. DYOR.
Comment: Bitcoin ticking up like prelude to another S&P500 drop maybe NOT ADVICE. D.Y.O.R.
Comment: Same yellow box maybe forming as 22 September. Will depend on whether S&P has peaked. If by the end of today 10th Feb market closes down then that will confirm a yellow box. Then go with breakout or whipsaw. Have included other yellow box signals on chart. Not Advice. DYOR
Comment: Well yellow box did not happen so I got to stay bullish for now and stick with the breakout which happened 8th Feb. Would need review if price suddenly broke down below $3,475.3
Comment: Want to know what this chart is about see my latest post
Comment: Want to know more see my latest post
Comment: Here's another of my posts that was missed
Comment: Thought I'd take a look at the weekly using a 4 wk average
Comment: Notice Parabolic SAR just touching 20MA can compare with match described above 13 Apr and 9 Feb Not Advice DYOR
Comment: WOW
Comment: Will bears succeed in taking out 20 MA
Comment: What I like about this comparison is the trend line with the 20MA running along side it.
Comment: Latest post: The truth about #bitcoin shorts using 20MA. Using peaks of 20MA bitcoin shorts to see if good support areas Not Advice DYOR
Comment: Copy of new post "Still a bull run opportunity? YES but guess what...details on chart"
Comment: Made a small error. Had originally grouped boxes using shorter MA than 20MA which was still interesting but here is what best illustrates how small square can work its way into something big just by staying above or below 20 MA and using those vertical signal points
Comment: Done some research to find out what the market may be thinking when my histogram goes red four days after green and still closing above 20 MA. Here are two charts. Will it be different this time?
Comment: Then again market hasn't closed yet so will have to see if close above 20MA and Histogram stays dark red.
Comment: Worth checking out this indicator when it spikes like below. Could be a bad omen Not Advice DYOR