WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT like this chart.

GEMINI:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
We are going for a TradingView world record ;p We want to get the most likes on a chart that currently stands at 1203 likes! Help us smash this record and we will help you become an amazing trader for FREE.

On this chart i have just draw some key support and resistance levels you can see have been respected time and time again just so you can see how simple trading really can be when you dont let your mind clouded by all the bull#hit that people try to feed you by saying you need 100000000 indicators just to spot a good setup, too many idiots in this game.

Give me a message and i will be happy to have a chat with you and see what areas i can improve your game, most the people i talk and work with its MINDSET that lets them down so i get that mindset give it a good kicking and you are a totally new person and trader after this.

Look forward to chatting... And breaking this record.