BTC - still bullish but stuck in triangle triangles triangles

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
I've drawn 3 ideas - one where we can get above 3830 ish again, and come back down to gain more energy for the push up, one where we're strong enough to push up to the top from here and show 3830 as support before pushing up, and one where we're weak and can't push above say 3780/3800 and come back down and break the big triangle. Or course these are all bullish options as either way I want to see us come back to complete the right IHS shoulder. A break below 3580/3600 changes that and I'd have to rethink.
Comment: And here on the 30 minute chart. In terms of timings I have two ideas - one this all plays out by midnight tonight at the monthly close and into the new years, or we ave to wait until Wednesday when the holiday season is over and everyone is heading back to work