We Do Not KNOW, What We Do Not Know Until We Know It

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Hi Everyone! If you are interested in LEARNING something, you will want to watch this video. As most of my loyal followers know (who have followed me a while) I have NOT had time to provide DAY trading signals and have stayed away from that because this requires a LOT OF TIME; which I did not have. If you were to see the office remodel I've done and know what I've been doing with educational content, you would realize WHY I have NOT had the time to provide Day Trading Signals or Day trading signals. I've actually focused more on teaching my followers HOW TO FISH rather than fish for them during this time I've been super busy. The purpose of this video was to show you what is involved with providing signals for Day Traders!

Happy Trading and Stay Awesome!

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Trying to Explain Example for Margin Long Entry Again
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Using Replay Tool to Explain Opening Margin Long

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