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I need my brain washing as i get some quiet naughty thoughts ;p
But most of you are brainwashed by the media and government who feed you rubbish and lies, like this corona virus... Dont even get me started on that HOAX!

If your that easily led outside of the markets you really dont stand a chance of been successful in them afterall the markets give you false information all the time in the way of fakeouts and if you believe them then that will make you change your mind about the trade forcing you to close it early only for this to be a fakeout then the trade runs in the direction you originally thought.

What i am looking for in this trade is for price to touch my trendline for the 3rd time as marked out by my green box, this comes with strong support! Nice and SIMPLE! If the trade doesnt develop and price doesnt touch this area then dont cry... Sort your f@cking mindset out, brush it off and look for the next setup.

People are not wired correctly to succeed in the markets, if you want some help and useful information about this then just send me a message on here.

Cheers f@ckers ;p