Bitcoin's mid term perspective 24/02

Hello, dear friends!👋🏻 It's so nice to feel you haven't been forgotten me and my absence has been noticed!

🙏Thank you for the feedback!🙏

Let's talk about the medium-term perspective of bitcoin today!

By the middle of January, bitcoin had come out a period of stagnation - on the chart, I marked it as a conditional "bottom"!

The price has started to rise! Now we are on the support line: in the near future we can expect a slight decrease in the price to the support levels to 22k+, and further growth will continue! You can see the levels on the chart!👇

Today's exactly the year of a full-scale war.

The war is not over yet, but it's easier to breathe! The smell of victory hangs in the air! Thanks to our defenders for the opportunity to be here with you, for the opportunity to breathe and live in an independent country, where people have their own opinion and their own path and the future!

During this year there was a lot of grief, tears, fear and despair!

During the first months of the war, I just lay and cried. I had to leave the apartment in the capital, in which I barely had time to finish the renovation. Until February 24, I was full of faith in a bright future, in my personal growth and a happy life, the path I had been working for more than 10 years!(a young girl from a small town)

All of this was broken by the war on the night of February 24!

It's fear, it's enemy planes overhead, it's rockets that fall in front of the house, it's stress and gray hair on the head!

Our people, indeed, showed themselves to be incredibly united and strong! I'm proud to be Ukrainian!

I remember how (on February 25) I arrived in western Ukraine, to the sound of rocket explosions, I went to weave camouflage nets for soldiers. It was wildly cold, my fingers were numb, I continued knitting and cried - cried - cried. A girl came up to me and held out a glass of hot tea, smiled and said "I see, you're cold, take it and warm yourself!" - for the first time then, I understood that it was necessary to fight! That everything will be good, no matter what happens!

Stay strong no matter what! And take care of yourself!💪

Your Kateryna🇺🇦


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