All roads lead to BTC 10k.

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Boom. Just like that BTC moves to our charts and follows our patterns.

If you follow me, we have made a lot of money after one of the worst crypto routes ever. We laddered our positions from 6500 down to 3300 in 4 subsequent buys. We are very much in profit. See below post for where I laid all this out specifically. If you want to ladder your positions or gain insight from that perspective, I can offer some.

the question is now... What do we do now that we are in profit? and what about new entries?

Before we get there. Lets look at what BTC is doing. It has a LOT of strength. An amazing amount in fact. I have been very surprised that we haven't had a quicker spike up with a larger pullback at this point. This could be an indication that blow right through all this resistance move right up to 10k. This would be extremely bullish and lead to almost any scenario going even higher. Even as I write this support points are being broken and BTC continues to go much higher. While technically speaking we should get a pull back or a lull here at this 6250-6,500 area. The strength it's demonstrating is rather strong.

10k is very possible. RSI IS NOT oversold on the weekly and MACD is just now turning positive indicating more strength.

So, what do we do? For those in positions. We take half of our profits off the table. Don't think about it, just DO IT. You made money, you didn't lose money. Let the rest ride up to 10k. You might have to ride it back down $4,500 and you can buy more at that point.

For NEW ENTRIES. Buy in with 33% of your portfolio now, put a 33% buy at 5,250 and 33% buy at 4,600.

All roads at this point are pointing that we go to 10k. We are starting to move folks.

Happy hodling and trading,


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