I believe this bear market is far from done.

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s you can see in the chart, i believe this bear market is gonne be more extended and expect it to end somewhere between may and september next year. it's not gonna go straight down to that point, there will be many ups and downs but general market is downtrend.

I see way too many fomos every where in the world. in asia, europe, north&south america, you name it. like literally everywhere.
that's where human psychology kicks in. fear and greed mixed together.

i don't believe those millions of inexperienced people are able to drive the market up. smart money can do that. and if i were one of those smart money people, it doesn't look like it's ready to rock and roll.

we haven't seen true meaning of capitulation. we need to shake out more people around the world to fresh start a new bull market.

in my country south korea, there are literally thousands and thousands of people who made at least millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars out of cardano, ripple, tron, verge, you name it. at the end of last year and the beginning of this year.
basically it all was free and huge money.

in my opinion, there's no such thing as easy and big free money, however, end of last year was more i would say anomaly. i do not think we are gonna see that again any time soon.

i know many people here on TV are bullish on general cryptomarket, i am too(for another reason), it's just my case is much longer term, unlike other guys who say when moon when lambo. the market trend reversal to upside will take place when NO ONE IS INTERESTED IN CRYPTO ANYMORE. NOW I STILL SEE BILLIONS OF PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET STILL TALKING ABOUT BTC -4.04% ON A DAILY BASIS. SMART PEOPLE AND MARKET DRIVERS AIN'T GONNA LET NORMAL PEOPLE MAKE BIG FREE MONEY THAT EASILY. THUS, WE STILL DOWNWARD.

another expectation i have is, i believe every crypto except bitcoin -4.04% will perish eventually like they never existed, including ethereum -6.33% ripple even litecoin and so on. you can call me bitcoin -4.04% maximalist, tho i am not sure if any there as been what's called internet maximalist. for the same reason we have only one www not a couple of or hundreds of them.

let's see how the market plays out. as we know, the market is always right in the end. let's enjoy the future.
You need to learn to draw support and resistance lines more accurately. Otherwise, you are going to get in late on the ride back up.
leorio kardia
@kardia, i was too lazy to draw correctly lmao