PIVOT POINTS: Same pattern with targets $67k to $71k

Any questions? Follow the trend lines with lows and highs. 14D TF dotted blue lines squeezed into a 4HR TF. Shows the end of dip but I have another idea showing a possible dip to $57k zone but no confirmation yet.

BTC same pattern but with different volume.

BTC not ready to fall deep.

Added a selling Zone for myself. I will reevaluate BTC once it reaches SELL ZONE

I wanted a better idea view by using my PC, could not, used my iPhone.
Next target reads $68k. Today my 1D TF BULL COLUMN has appeared but not fully processed. This is how I know BTC is not headed for destruction like many say.
The dips are very convincing thinking crash is next.
This is exactly what the whales want us to believe, they are excellent psychology masters. They know how to work the mindset.
Well they will not work mines.

My BULL SIGNAL Showed up today on April the 18th, it’s giving me 1 day in advance notice because today is still 4/17.
Last appearance was on 1/18. Took 7 days to complete.
After 7 days from 1/18, The BULL was unleashed. BTC was at $40k and moved all the way up to 73K zone and now my whales BULL RUN COLUMN finally arrived. May take more than 7 days it all depends.

My smart money entries 1D TF still needs more days to compete. It’s almost done. Agrees with my whales BULL RUN signal.

Regardless of how the trend moves up or down, I’m more than confident because I know what comes next.
There is a possibility for this pattern idea to be null and void because the candlesticks has tapped the bottom trend line in other words we may see $80k.

I’m still with the same concept, nothings changed. BULLS still have power.

I will update soon a new idea but with more convincing facts:
For all who know me when I mention WHALES LOW VOLUME?

What does that mean? Those who know, know what happens every time I mention, WHALES LOW VOLUME.

Appeared on 4/16 which has confirmed a BULL RUN SOON, any moment any day.
This is it; words means nothing but what matters is: WHERES THE BULL?

With my promise in my TA BULLS confirmation. Many will be thrilled and surprised to see BTC not crash as many expected but launch higher.
Enough retail traders have sold for losses but enough is enough. BTC has always a start point to move up otherwise it will have consequences.

My 1Day TF smart money entries, I’ve mentioned already it needs a few more days to complete but my 4Hr shows its time and ready to move up by completing a certain amount of money trades.

For that reason, many traders claim a huge dip but the question is when? Larger time frames take time.
4hr comes before 1D TF and other ideas from other traders read up to 1wk to 1MO which show dips, indeed, there will be dips. What do we learn here.
My 4hr smart money volume entries show it’s ready now while my 1 Day says wait.
I conclude BTC will start a BULL RUN SOONER than 1D TF then comes the next higher time frame hours.
At some point BTC will dip huge but in my analysis first comes the ATH before a huge crash correction but smart money may turn and make the trend move down before ATH but by then many will exit on time.
The dips don’t scare me. Let it work its bear traps.
Once all is accomplished, all will know, when smart money says now means now.

At least those whom have seen what happens after I say whales low volume on a 1D, well now it shows and all have seen results and has not failed.
I know for many of you, this does not satisfy you. I’m sure many bought at a higher price; since last night I’ve declared to many of you what was coming next, even when BTC set up a BULL TRAP.

We all have the same TA but it’s what we work with. I stand behind my analysis, we have to weigh it out. We will have ups and downs.
For many who thought BULLs were not in control, please think twice.

A deep TA within my algorithm is coming your way. This will help start a conversation me and a trader have been planning out.
He believes BTC is crashing horribly
I say it’s not, he will bring up facts and I will too.
He’s entitled to his opinion based on his research but it doesn’t mean my TA BULL RUN is void and null.
My TA will speak for it self. I may not even have to speak much.

Cheers and congratulations for those who entered the trade since last night and did not follow other ideas advice aiming to the downside.
I’m sure many will change directions once the Bull is unleashed
whales low volume pushed up the price, it can lead anywhere from $5k to $20k but I’m weighing it out. Dips along the way.

My 4hr TF SMART money trades said ready since last night. Next hour time frames bulls will take control, once we hit the 1Day TF, please expect a Spike surge.

My 1 day time frame BULL COLUMN barely appeared since last night, it read 4/18 and yet date was 4/17, gave me a one day in advance head start to start planning out.
Takes 7 total days to complete, we are on our 2nd day, then let’s wait what happens next;)

My whales column has its own custom setting.
Coinbase traders are excited and has been moving up the stock. They realize the crash was bogus.
Mates for now even though I expect more, 67K zone.
Once BTC moves above 65K pay attention to TradingView ideas: see which ideas pointed down but are now aiming up.
There are a few which stick to their guns and those have my respect.
From last comment:
May even happen before but I understand we live and learn. We’ve all had our failures, don’t misunderstand me.
As of now, BTC is being controlled by smart money.

Looked into same pattern in a lower time frame and it’s working out the same dip pattern: will continue to move up.
That’s ok if it dipped since it followed the same pattern but in different volume. Thats because it’s normal to consider many do sell for fear of a crash which has not been even confirmed yet.
1D has 3.5 support spots at $60,792 and RSI, and Cci reads SUPER BULLISH.

Money Flow Index reads bullish reversal which has not even started.

What the hey!
BTC will start to throw at us gold coins, pretty soon!
Next targets (with pullbacks) is $64.397 then will dip to $62,066 then will move up to $$67,852.

This is a pattern possibility unless the bulls decide to break the pivot rules, then we will expect no dip to $62k zone
Must see pivot pattern

5 hours ago, if this follows the same pattern which so far has.
Previous two comments from this one:

Said was to reach 64k zone
then dip to $62,066, then will move up to $67,852. This will not be in the same volume but same pattern would be doable
Found a double top pattern. 1% risk reward ratio is added to a short position which price reads $60,842 no lower, double top has measured it
I’ve seen this run no lower than 1.25% to 1.50%
Which price would then fall to $60,472 or $60,085.

Worst would be at 2% which would then dip to $59,327.
That’s my TA on a double top 30min TF.

I’ll play it out.
If next target on a short position 2% risk reward ratio reads $59,327 and many traders are claiming much more of a crash dip, why did I have to predict $59,327 at 2% would be worst case.
I’m not using TA deep scan, just a simple 30min double top strategy which I’ve used Highs and lows, I drew a trend above it, used also MAs to confirm a double top then laid out a breakout to the downside to then read $59,327.

How hard can this be, can anyone explain this. If I’m so bad, then why did it go my way although I’m still hopeful it does.

I’ve said before, $57k would be my lowest but nowhere do I see it happening anytime soon.

I’ve said clearly this morning, smart money has taken possession of BTC. So they make the rules not me.
If I’m being told in my comments to be aware of a crash, WHERE?
One way to read crash is no trader having control of a huge dip. Impossible, so why was I able to control how low.

We have to wait.
Smart money bulls are buying big.
Didn’t I say BULLS have control over the grizzly BEARS.

Bears can run 35 to 40 mph and can even climb trees but BULLS are huge with sharp horns and can even run in herds up to 35 mph, I’ve seen them lift lions with their horns and this is exactly what the bulls did.

Let’s wait to see the outcome.
Bullish tweezer top price action on a 30min TF.
Price action reads LONG LOWER SHADOW on a 1hr TF.
This was nothing but a JOKE:0.

percentage all is an estimate equivalent to 99% correct.

Viewed retail traders which was at
-3337% and fell to -6931%

Smart money +1031% and moved up to +1487%

So many bulls are in control.

My next question is why did smart money keep BTC from falling deeper.
Why did they buy if BTC is destined to crash for a large correction.

I don’t know the future but we all have the same TA with many different strategies to work out some information.

When all are silent, I’m the nosiest during crazy moments like this.
I understand, why talk, first we wait to see the outcome but I get ahead of myself working out my real-time data information.
I’m not doing this to be better but to help us out.
Bullish engulfing on a 15mim TF. Not much but at least we can expect a move up to help us remain calm.

3 white soldiers 3 candlestick patten on a 30 min TF, used volume to detect.
Plus even more revenue.

This is price action.
Don’t panic, this is only advance warning in case it happens.

I’ll be showing a nice reversal so remain calm, it’s best to warn but remember I never said it will happen, just in case. This other idea will help us have hope showing a bullish reversal
Reversal pending

All must know: remember this idea: near $68k zone then a huge dip to $62k zone.

I’d keep it at 67K for short term traders. It’s my opinion as a short term trader. No financial advice.

Also, I’ve said BULLS may take it higher instead of dipping to $62k. It all depends
So we all know: this pattern has been meeting its requirements. If you don’t believe me, go to a 4hr time frame and see it for yourself.

What does this also mean. We have a dip on its way which may scare many but will recover. Will have some dips before reaching $68k
That’s if it keeps continuing to follow which has so far.
If 1D TF closes with Spinning Top White, BTC will keep moving up. Will have dips but no crash as many say
Shows bearish reversal. Name your own targets with stop loss. Please don’t ask for financial advice.
1Day still reads bullish reversal
Suppose to dip but bulls keep pushing up.
1D TF has what I call THE CRAZY UNUSUAL BOTTOM WICK. Means BULL POWER. Go to chart type and choose volume. BOOM: there’s your proof. So who’s lying? Look at all the ideas at TradingView see who’s telling the truth.

Switch to Heiken Ashi you’ll see wicks are different than volume candles which read SPINNING TOP WHITE means BULL POWER.

Yes, we will get some correction soon but when it’s time.

So, why are some traders deceiving simple hearted retail traders claiming a huge crash.
Doesn’t mean I buy. One reason that keeps pushing BTC up is when DXY is down BTC has to much potential. They have nothing in common but smart money does.
Does not always follow it yet has today just like the NYSE.
1D still shows preparing 4 a BULL RUN. May start soon or after halving but reads super ready
1hr TF read bearish hours ago but now it’s making an upside reversal.
15 min working its way down by little while 1 hr shows up movement
Simple dip because of equal highs
Once equal lows has its dip let’s hope then BTC recovers which does show
Pardon my mistake, I meant to say equal highs.
My Smart money 4hr TF isn’t OVERBOUGHT yet
Good news, my OBV strategy I work it into a smart money volume and shows on a 1hr TF reversal.
A big surge spike on its way and not sure how high.
I have a bull on its way it’s mean and furious. Reads 1hr TF. Let’s see if he’s really that furious.
1Day TF cañadle stick since this morning I mentioned was in process of maybe closing out a SPINNING TOP WHITE candlestick but did not, closed out as a BULLISH DOJI.
We’re not supposed to have anytime soon any huge bearish reversals.
Next target will be $72k
I’ve done more smart money fundamental research and I found a signal read which they themselves communicate with and found it on a 1D TF.
It’s called contraction, Whales use contractions like body language except in a form of a chart.
Many who said BTC crash, might think twice again, because whales have a different strategy.
When the whole world is expecting a huge BEAR FALL, it reads delay.

I’ll make an idea explaining what I found.

There are bullish contractions and bearish contractions.
The one I found was a BULLISH CONTRACTION on a 1Day TF. This means the trend will move up to the contraction horizontal line.

Contractions work like magnets it brings up and down the trend until the whales are ready to make the next move.

Contractions is a great tool
More good news
I have more good news and you’ll love even more.

I’ll reveal later but first let’s see what this furious BULL has in mind.

This bullish contraction, smart money will work it this way:

1. Will end the trend at $68k
2. Will take the trend to liquidation at $73,920
3. Or will breakout at $73,920 and who knows how far BTC will go.
4. Unfortunately smart money will create another contraction but this one will be bearish right above the bullish contraction and will dip to bullish value line which reads $68,303, from this 68k zone we have to take into consideration they may want to finally dip for a big correction but we won’t know yet until that moment comes.
Please guard your funds.
One more thing: if bearish reversal rejects after falling from the bearish value line to bullish value line,
then we may see another pullback to reconnect to the bearish contraction value line to then move up higher but again we must wait because we may see at some point a huge fall.
Many will be thrilled in what they’re about to see soon.

ITS TIME TO UNLEASH THE BEAST and let it work its way up, many will be disappointed, all because many sold with great gains, some sold for losses, and some expected a huge dip to load up those bags but no worries theirs plenty of gold coins for all from BULL RUNS and BEAR WALKS.


Bull possession

Halving idea 2

1D TF has been pending from last week. Not sure if anyone remembers or you might have missed the update but it’s about a mega bull run.

What I did not mention was it’s going to last for days, maybe two weeks. It’s what I’m reading. Will any of the EARTH-BOYS blame me for this.

I told ya, if I see a BULL IN PREP, I will call it out and yes, I’m probably most hated by the EARTHLY BEARS.

NANE ME A TIME I FAILED CALLING OUT A BULL RUN? If you do, that’s because it delayed but was delivered.

If no one believes I mentioned this about 1 week ago, let me know, and I’ll look for that idea with date.
I’m officially making the 1Day TF BULL RUN active only because my whales volume is moving up, not the color I’m expecting from a 1D but my 23hr TF has the color I’m looking for which means my 1Day will soon turn to the color I need it to be.
1DAY TF BULL RUN, will be accompanied by major dips as well. Last 1Day bull run was ready, BTC was at $39,943 and ended at $52,886. 52K would have been a good exit but the whales were not ready to end it, it actually dipped from 52K to $50k then moved up to 73K zone which was the end of the whales bull run.

So all this delay before the next run, just restarted.

Right when the whole world declared BTC doomed through halving, I stuck to my guns with study research and I’m sure many of you did as well.
1Day bull run reads $108k. Could be more but I’m sticking with $108k although I’m cool with $100k.
At some point, yes, we will see major disappointment.
This is part of the whales plot.
I will also say with a promise, it’s rare smart money will allow us to see a price target. So we must be wise about knowing when to end it .
I’m expecting about 14 days plus for this BULL to end. Expect some simple corrections while it’s moving up but will not lead to a crash until whales say it’s time.
Must see BULL PLOT $80k confirmation

Whales low volume with whales volume goes along with bull flag and this new idea.

We will have dips, remember it’s not all bull run, momentum shows will work its way up.
Also, we must be ready for any sudden dip moves.

Hey everyone, can anyone look into this traders profile with user name: earlyBTCAdopter. He’s down below in the comments. He seems to be making strong stupid statements by truly knowing the future.
All he has to do is wait, he gets ahead of himself without waiting to see the out come. I rate BTC in real time which I’m sure he would dare not to.
This trader seems to have failed by what he said last in my other idea about over a week ago by calling out a ridiculous bet and by also calling out all who follow me unknowledgeable followers.
9Day TF idea.

ETH going for a second BULL RUN.