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Hello, friends! Is BTC still alive...haha?πŸ˜‰

Let's look at 4h and daily chart and try to make some decisions!

Growth in recent days gives us hope to return to the bull run and continue it.

BUT it's too early to draw such conclusions. Bitcoin is always hard to predict.

And now it's important to see what will happen in the next days.

On the left side, on the 4 h chart, we can see a descending channel and the price is confidently approaching the top point. It will either be broken upwards, but it's likely, that there may be a retest of 34-35 K, which will be a good signal to continue the oranic growth.

If the price immediately breaks the channel and goes to 47 k, that may not be a very good signal and profit taking by big players.

On the daily chart , there is no close of today's candle yet, that's why it's too early to draw any conclusions.

I'm still looking forward to the "move" in August - September and I'm very optimistic!πŸ˜‰

So far, that's all I wanted to tell you!

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i see go to 13880$
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watchtrend merosaleh
@merosaleh, Good view
Great analysis.

Makes sense to retest 32200 considering the CME gap in that area. Additionally, the recent pump just doesn't feel natural at all, as it was manipulated. That gives more incentive for a correction too, in my opinion.

I think and also hope this plays out in the coming week.
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No sir i see 20k
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since it wasobviously powered again by manipulation and short squeeze,so i hope its made to dump again.. :P
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DrStein CryptoSnoopy
@CryptoSnoopy, indeed, but the fools never learn. They will buy again and get rekted when the tether scam is finally exposed. Amazon news is so stupid just like the Tesla BTC payment.
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Ether2020 DrStein
@DrStein, Very true my friend!
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go92831 DrStein
@DrStein, Amazon denied those fake news a few hours ago. They will not accept any crypto payments this year, neither release their own crypto in 2022.
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DrStein go92831
@go92831, yes they did. As I said all these narratives about BTC payments are stupid and are used by manipulators to throw some bait for the noobs and the fools.
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