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A walk trough several aspects of what is currently going in the market and why I don't feel this is looking good at at all. Things can change in any moment nonetheless.

We look into Coinbase chart, COT , Futures Premiums, Perpetual Swaps Basis & Funding Rates, CME , BAKKT, Grayscale and brief look of Options.

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Thanks, great ta
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D7R capablePie56073
Thank you
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Thanks again!
What do you think long term, you still see this bullmarket continue for some months(with ups and downs).

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D7R roy_everts
@roy_everts, Yes. we are still in bull market. we just need a bit of consolidation (re-accumulation). I think we can also see just mroe sideway and the real dump come from alts that are super extended. Alts crashing will provide necessary liquidity back into bitcoin.
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Hey thx for the analysis. Have you looked at the mostly positive us10yr yield correlation with BTC since feb. 2021? I'm bullish because of that.
Bearish because of alts pumping (when they crash BTC will get dragged with down).
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D7R nelsondajesus
@nelsondajesus, personally dont care about external correlations. Bitcoin is it own beast and will take over everything over time. Overall if we are to consider macro trend we heading toward 100k this year (i personally think we can reach 250k EOY)
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thanks 4 the update!
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D7R QueensPanties
@QueensPanties, no prob
Great work as always. Really appreciate it!
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