Bitcoin time for a correction?

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As always i do congrats all who follow me and took some nice profit.
I do trade on leverage so this bull run made a good wealth-income for sure.
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It is hard to watch, that people, who have no idea in trading, gives trading ideas on TradingView and gets tons of likes and supports when proper ideas get nothing. Shame on you all :)
Ok, return to the chart.
We have a massive resistance around 9400-9600
To pass it we nee an impulse and strength that market does not have right now.
Will we go for a minor correction and all this fall will be bought up instant r we will go for deeper correction right to 8 k i don't know, we have to watch and get some information from chart and market reaction
I will be buying when will see a buying opportunity and will short when we will see some potential entry points.
I do not encourage to go short right now as you are going versus Long trend and you may be crushed up.
Trade active: scalpers could make a huge Short profit.


why do you think market doesnt have the strength for impluse right now?
exkuji CEOofBASED
@CEOofBASED, simple there is way too many resistance points.
Sure it is crypto, so we may see another green candle in 5 min time scale, but considering that we made 38 percent from last consolidation range, I prefer to watch from a side and join the winning side either staying in a locked position with a loss.
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@exkuji, thanks
How can you know if you are entering a good short position?
exkuji CEOofBASED
@CEOofBASED, like I say in a review, you should not enter short right now as there is no strong evidence that we stop, at least. And either there is no normal entry point for a short as possible that stop-loss will be taken out.
I do not like to go against the trend, you may risk and put an SL above 9500, but I will w8 much longer to get conformations.
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