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After having guessed the previous publication indicated here, I repeat the famous TRADERS of 2010, they think that cryptocurrencies, are the future, they are the control or refuge from hyperinflation etc ... I THINK THEY ARE THE BIGGEST WAVE OF MONEY THAT THE AMERICAN FREEMASONRY AND THE DEEP STATE, now destroyed by the governments of the Alliance, have used to hijack their illicit trafficking, from weapons, from drugs to everything else, thinking they will not be deciphered.
In reality we are preparing for a Criptyde or Blockchain system, which will serve the Quantum system to speed up any form of transfer, without any interest rate and will be used to transform forex currencies into digital currencies linked to Gold (my thought for at least 3 years now) ...
MARK THIS IDEA WELL .. because IN MY ADVICE YOU WILL SEE THE BIGGEST SHOULDER IN THE CRYPTO WORLD AS AN INVENTED COIN, USELESS AND THAT GOOD WILL REMAIN ONLY THE TECHNOLOGY that supports it, which will be used for the good of humanity 'and not for crap like this world was born ..

See you at $ 15,000 ... then I'll update you again until I see the world of CRYPTO in absolute failure.

Happy trading everyone ..
As widely warned those who know me in person and those who turned their backs have benefited financially and left for fear and the prospect that I outlined at the time, I remind you that the BTC will arrive in the $ 15,000 area and from there will return to the $ 3000 area ..

I take this opportunity to tell you that when the right time comes, I will tell you where to enter to give you other securities and more that will make you recover strongly and resume earnings as I did in the period 2020-2021 .. Now stay at the window .. THE DEEP STATE AND THE WORLD OF VACCINES IS DYING, THOSE WHO HAVE ACCEPTED EVERYTHING in a 3D dimension WILL SOON BE LOST, WITHOUT WONDERING WHY ALL THIS IS HAPPENING in record time (two years of Pandemic, useless vaccines, distancing, war, hacker attacks and destruction EURO and DOLLAR), IT'S CALLED APOCALYPSE = REVELATION, then RADICAL CHANGE OF THE OLD WORLD ORDER OF SHIT ... Soros, Gates, Buffet, Rothschild, Vatican, Royal Kingdoms UK (all now silently dead or in Guantanamo), but the Mainstream world does not talk about it .. all to make room for the new world = ERA OF GOLD, an era in which we will return to the nationalization of the currency and above all to the real Consciousness of who we are realm institution and where we come from.

Elon Musk = Knight of the Galactic Alliance = member of the Elohim = Trump and Putin's man + Mohammad bin Salman Al Sa'ud (the only Saudi family that has collaborated for centuries with the Kennedy family and Trump today, they have an estimated 1000 times more heritage large of the families put together of the old world order ..
It is no coincidence that we have Elon Musk as a sponsor of every new thing that happens: Nikola Tesla (Tesla company name)

It is time for you to start AWAKENING EVERYONE .. the new 5d world is upon us and our alien brothers of light have been watching us for a long time .. They will be more and more present and will show themselves more and more.

Our true ancestors are the Elohim, or Alien space beings from other planets who are able to work on the human DNA genome (created by themselves), through Elon Musk and other forms of humanoids, are already present on earth to cancel the Old World order and to bring us new technology and above all to cure every kind of HUMAN evil through the Biomed (beds with magnetic cell regeneration at a frequency of light).

See you soon and begin to understand that the Bible speaks of Elohim and space beings not of the fable of Jesus.

Happy awakening everyone.
ok we are near 15000$ ... after that i explain all situation ... THE END OF DEEP STATE = THE END OF BITCOIN
Perfect.... Pattern


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