Music of BITCOIN.... A NEW, completely unique Technical Analysis

I've been reluctant to put this out there, but honestly, I've been working on it for quite some time now and need help from musicians/day-traders who have their feet in both worlds.

As a musician, I sometimes compose in what is called a MIDI roll. I'm often struck by how music (in a midi-roll) looks like a securities chart. The price of a security (like BTC ) goes up and down over a span of time. The notes in music also go up and down in patterns over time.

Music, like a price chart, has a support or a base. In music we call this the tonic. It is a place where music often returns to. There are also endless mathematical parallels, especially when considering the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence - prevalent in charts and in music.

I've also noticed that there are many striking similarities between the methods of analyzing securities and analyzing music. There is music theory on the one hand.. and there is technical analysis on the other hand.... But, I believe music theory, as a discipline, is far more developed than technical analysis . Music theory is more predictive and has had, historically, some of the best mathematicians working on its theorems and ideas. It is a far older discipline.

So, over the last few months, I've been slowly developing methods of bridging the gap between these two disciplines.. I've converted MIDI rolls to charts and vice-versa. One of the most interesting things I've found is how "musical" the markets can be. They really don't seem random at all. I have attached this small file... This is Bitcoin as music. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_klMr_xhFYmc1KM-kJodjwzPBkUkXgBs/view?usp=sharing I apologize that it is only 6 seconds, as it takes forever to convert this by hand and put it on a midi roll.

BTW... I've created a script which allows you to apply divisions to an area of price. In this example, I've divided BTC into the familiar DO-RE-MI.... of the diatonic scale. The colors represent the "tonic", "subdominant" and "dominant" in music. This will be familiar to anyone that plays music. As you'd expect, BTC moves in a musical way. It moves to the dominant and then resolves to the tonic (in this case the octave above.) It even repeats a rhythm pattern nicely...

I WOULD REALLY LOVE some help to develop this system further if anyone is interested, message me. I'm trying to find a way of automatically converting the candles to something like a RENKO chart, but one that stays in regular time.

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