BTCUSD all possible paths now wait for breakout and then decide

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
When price was near ATH we talked about reasons that market is going to dump and breakout happen and price dump hard as you can see:

this time price is not bounded with wedge and .... this pattern need to be complete, then we can decide for real path of market .

every thing is possible now breakout to upside or downside so it is better to use two zones that if it break we make our decision .

these zones are now 40K resistance and 30K support when each break then we have new uptrend or continuation of fall .

Notice :rise and breakout to upside is still with more possibility.

DISCLAIMER: ((trade based on your own decision ))
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Comment: rise and pump possibility is once again increased beacuse some fundamental news and ... considered now too.
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Honestly, I am bearish
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Good content💪
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MMBTtrader FieryTrading
@FieryTrading, most welcome
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MMBTtrader y01004750
@y01004750, so you think it will touch 30K zone support again?
y01004750 MMBTtrader
@MMBTtrader, probably >90% same pattern as the one in the 23 May - 27 May period, in regards to MAs
MMBTtrader y01004750
@y01004750, can you give us chart and say what do u mean by same pattern ?

on that time just Some kind of H & S is available
@MMBTtrader, a lot of shorts on bitfinex too
StoProphet helpfulPear98930
@helpfulPear98930, cannot open the link to see the link
@StoProphet, delete "https://" or search for BTCUSDSHORTS on TV