BTCUSD update (technical correction).

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
BTCUSD update (technical correction). This means that we are giving back to the market from our profits so far in order to stay in the game. You can see that the BTCUSD ATR has increased. The white rectangle indicates the H1ATR range. The red squares are the spike areas. It can be seen that yesterday's Stop Loss pulled up would be included in this new correction area today, so we're pulling it back to the detriment of our profits. I have repeatedly described that withdrawing Stop Loss to increase risk is only possible in profit protection mode in profit. This is forbidden in break-even or loss-making stages. The key to this strategy is how far the target price is. I am currently working on target prices of 8000usd so I do not attach any importance to the temporary losses during the trade.