Can't Take the Credit for This

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
The pointlessness of sharing something that already happened spurred out of not writing on time. I barely have time to trade. A daily chart for trading alts is frowned upon by those who are swift to take profit from multiple peaks and dips. I'll shoot my ideas up first, and come explain later. You can see a Standard Bullish Divergence in the yellow, and the uptrend in the green. It appears this could go down again soon, but in the greater picture, for the long term: I remain bullish .
Comment: I started trading during the green candle on the 17.12.2018.
Profits taken near the top.
Intending to jump in again, if at least one of two circumstances occur:
1. The RSI hits the yellow trend line AND bounces back up.
2. Price hits the yellow trend line AND bounces back up.
3. There is a break upwards from my current trading channel. NOT displayed.
Comment: Red Circle ?next bounce.
Trade active: RSI Continues to stay on the Green Trend Line.
This can mean a bullish trend for the next few days.
STOCH RSI at its widest. Maybe a positive turning point?
If it does turn, we have more bulls on parade.
Trade active:
Keep trodding along the green trend line.
Judging by STOCH, it would be a good point to consider going in if it does not go under the green.