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First of all, I want to say that the owners of money seriously took up the crypto. They make cryptocurrency exchanges, projects, but now they invest only venture capital, that is, with the ownership of this company. This is a sign that they are serious and have been here for a long time. Okay, I hope you understood that.

These people work according to the old pattern, they want to control this new growth market. They are buying up large projects that are now at historical lows, but indeed, they could be even lower and will be bought at rock-bottom prices, as it happened in the 90s, when the countries, which were included in the Commonwealth of Independent States, bought factories for millions at the time when they cost billions. It is a working diagram.

So, when and how will the race of active growth start (rally)?

When investors, owners of bitcoins, will see a strong growth of any other coin within a few days, they will be greedy, and I'm sure that it will appear even among those who do not deal with the market. And then that long-awaited action will start.

They will increase liquidity quickly and straight off … with thoughts: "Yes, this is what I was waiting for, I will make a big profit and go out of the market" - this is called greed. As someone said all money is made on human vices, and greed - is one of them.

Until the end of the year, people in the crypto will see the revival of the market, but it would be unexpected, and as it often happens home traders will be forced into the market on high and then will continue the rally.
Until the end of the year we will see the growth, strong or small it is still unknown. But I prefer the version of local growth at the end of the year. After which ,the active growth of cryptocurrency market is predicted , for March - April.

Anyway, we will monitor the situation
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