Looking at past % gains, we would have to be at about 75000

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
to be comparable to where we were at the height of the last bear market. Not predictive, just interesting.


80 000 for next bull run
but 75 k can hapend only if we will triger from 25k if only all time high again we are getting slower ore down.
i think you rly have something here at a biger time frame let s say 2022 end of this it can hapend this way yes why not , yes 80% for ths art work for 4 years perioud.
NiceDays CrissCristofer
@CrissCristofer, thanks, another interesting thing about this is where we are today and where we were back in 2013 were and are both the first half of july.