#BTCUSD Short-term update 15-5-2021

HamadaMark Updated   

Since 13 Mar we mentioned this bearish view for BTC and talked about the chance for Shark Pattern or 2B pattern both are bearish pattern, During all this time we kept this view active, and during that we trading with movement also as we doing always, in every main update we posted we mentioned this view as personal opinion

until 1 May we mentioned that chance for H&S pattern and before it, we posted a trading plan below 65K on 16 April, and some people didn't like that, and some left bad comments below it, but here we are!!

Since 13 Mar BTC got many rejects from 61K and every time get dip about -22/25% and in this time BTC get the same reject-with -26% but this time with a clear H&S pattern on daily, and Shark pattern on the weekly time frame!!
and this is what makes this rejection different and makes people anxious is if BTC breakdown $45K weekly and continues this H&S pattern, then where would it go?!
if you read our previous update you know very well where it will go!
By breakdown $45 weekly BTC will have three steps to achieve and is located at $40/30/26K ( this not max dip)
we recommend you to read these updates we posted on 1 Mar / 1 April / 16 April / 1 May!

Current action, we will check if there any chance for scalping trades to share with you and remember that " “Trade What’s Happening… Not What You Think Is Gonna Happen.”

The person who is obsessed with bullish thought can extract 10000 scenarios for bullish movement and the same with a bearish person.
for us, we extract both sides and we define the best buy /sell zone and trade based on that, and what we care about is what happens.

We don't short btc or using leverage or trading BLV tokens!! our signals for spot trading only.
Also, The TA updates are an explanation for market movement(not mean buy or sell) We will tell you to buy or not through a clear signal with clear targets and stop-loss risk management, etc, not anything else. as analysts, we have to explain both bullish and bearish directions, and if there a chance to give a personal prediction for the next movement we will do as like previous analyses.

This is not financial advice, The purpose of these Charts to give you an idea about coin movement (not buy or sell signal) so before following any idea be sure to do your own research, and follow your risk management. Also, the information we mentioned here is a personal effort that is subject to success or failure and we welcome constructive criticism. Remember that the Cryptocurrency market is very volatile and not suitable for everyone, so be aware of what you will do before you start.

#EidMubarak 🌙

Good luck to all.
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🙏we ask Allah reconcile and repay🙏

If we updated this chart we posted on 16 April as a Trading Plan below $65K
we can notice there a Descending channel behind this H&S on the daily time frame
and looks like BTC very close from the support line for it and SMA 200 at Daily TF!

So if the bulls Kept defense this way there will be a good chance for a rebound to $48K/50K ( Local resistance / CME GAP) ( as short-term movement)

but if they failed and the bears breakdown it with a daily close below SMA 200, we will see a panic wave to $38/36K may be lower!

Our current action, we trading from the current support zone between $42K to $36 as we mentioned since 24H ago and max investment is 10%,
Ps: you are free to edit $42 and start from the $43K /$36K zone (spot trading only)

Good luck to all
We ask Allah reconcile and repay

Here are fewer lines on the chart
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
BTC activated both limits at $42/39K, entry Avg is $40K
we still have a limit at $36K if there more price panic,we looking for a rebound by end of the day let us see
We ask Allah reconcile and repay

BTC entered $36K zone with fast rebound to $38K at the same candle!

[In reply to
$36K zone was the last limit in our list BTC reached it and got fast rebound with sign for bullish divergence on 30 Min TF

If bulls hold here, we will see a rebound to $40/43/45/48/51 probably

if not and keep dumping we will add another buy position around $31/26/24K zone with another 10% invest

In my personal view, i looking for a rebound from this zone to $45/48/51 again!
The Personal view we mentioned in this update about the rebound from the 36k zone is failed due to the price dumped directly to $30k🙏

we ask Allah reconcile and repay


Directly to the Second buy zone!

$31K activated

[In reply to

Signals update

Entry AVG from $38k


Entry from $31k


Stop-loss set at entry once TP1 achieved

We ask Allah reconcile and repay

[In reply to
if you didn't join any of these signals you can buy BTC
at 35500-34500-33500
max invest 10%
We ask Allah reconcile and repay

[In reply to
Price reached $395XX free to book TP1 around it
Avg entry from $38600 + 3.8% TP1 ✅
Entry from $31K + 29.5% TP1 ✅

Move SL to entry for both signals

We ask Allah reconcile and repay

👋 Be a trader, not a gambler, by following risk/capital management!!

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We ask Allah reconcile and repay ❤️🙏

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