HUGH breakout potential for BTC.

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Dear Traders,

We're waiting for a breakout on this very pretty Descending Triangle . The up or downside of this Triangle is around 3.000 USD. I'm waiting for high volume to confirm a breakout. A triangle usually breaks out around 75 to 80% of the pattern. A breakout could be expected around the 20th and 28th of September in case the small triangle breaks on high volume . If volume doesn't confirm the breakout then there is a bigger Triangle to keep in mind. In that case I'd expect the breakout to happen for the first of October. I'll place an SL below my support and a LO above my resistance line. RSI is still 'stuck in the middel', volume is very low and so is the volatility , just like it used to be, when forming this pattern.

Enjoy the ride.

P.S. Keep in mind that BAKKT will launch on the 23 of September. The launch could have a big impact on the price.
Comment: Made a spelling mistake: HUGH instead of HUGE, whoops #dyslexia, sorry!


What is LO?

P.S. small typo: middel -> middle
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