BTC: new assessment; 72hr response.

PHEMEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
relief rally is lined with much optimism.

expecting extreme volaility and swings for the next 72hrs.

CZ leaked plans early, hence the 48.1k price liquidation, either this is a signal that CZ is in trouble for sneminem to come to the rescue and save him from the bogdanoffs, or this level will be revisited because the script leaked (or so my source says)

plus we have witchcraftery brewing meme magic on crypto twitter . absolutely repulsive how much effort has gone into all of this since the B word conference.

tether lawsuit. on the heels of the SEC V Ripple being quashed in short order.

endless distractions. most peers are unawares of the flip being so imminent to switching, they aren't even prepared.

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Trade active:
4hr is about to golden cross

im suprized how quickly the posted chart reached the channel low after being posted!
Comment: missed a very good entry plotting the bottom of the range yesternight, disappointed i didnt take the plunge and enter it.
Comment: LOL CZ wants to resign for someone else morecrypto regulated as CEO to save face.

laughing that one all the way to he bank. sting operation? i hope so lololol.
going to keep an eye on certain levels within the BTC pairing world; i want to find out if the influx of raw btc into altcoins signals a massive squeeze
Comment: Waiting on a critical breakout; my thoughts are that we hit 42k and just establish something there. whether it manifests to a giant move or not i give doubt, otherwise might be interesting short levels if things whipsaw between 42k and 36k instead for a while yet.