Top Exchanges Trading Explained

It is not easy to trade Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, it is not easy to trade Altcoins if you are not in it for the long-term.

There are many groups, people/entities & more competing at the same time.

We traders and retail buyers/investors are at the biggest disadvantage, the exchanges are trading against us.

I know everybody knows this but there is a solution, there is a way to beat them at their own game.

Of course we vote with our satoshis so where you trade that is what you support.

If you are using a long-term strategy you only need to sell 3-5 times per year.

You can hold your own altcoins easily if you already have the experience and the trading system/plan.

You can easily setup wallets for 10 altcoins and diversify your capital there.

You can check in at the end of each wave and it only takes a few minutes if you need to buy or sell.

There are tens of thousands of altcoins and the top exchanges we've seen/used list hundreds of trading pairs.

Our focus has been mostly on the altcoins vs bitcoin pairs but this happens all across.

The most common and easiest way for the exchanges to trade against us is by delisting pairs with no reason and no warning.

You could have a 6 months warning or more to delist a pair yet instead you can see it happen overnight sometimes and no excuses given and the altcoin project continues working because they continue with the other pairs of the same project.

If for whatever reason you put 1 BTC into say XXXBTC, together with a several hundred other people, a bearish wave comes and everything is down 50%, you can don't care it doesn't matter, you can simply wait.

With everything down the XXXBTC pair is removed.
You can now withdraw only from USDT and you are 50% down.

All the bitcoins that went into this pair are gone, period.

You cannot sell for BTC because the XXXBTC pair has been removed.

Anyway, you sell through XXXUSDT and can buy BTC lower and take a huge loss.
The exchange wins, you lose... It is just trading for them.

Investigating the decentralized exchanges sounds great.

There are hundreds of pairs on each exchange, the top ones.

The altcoins/pairs move in cycles based on commands from bots (algorithms).
The pairs move in groups.

In the past, when we started, there was only one group and it moved more or less every 3 months.
Bearish, bullish, bearish, bullish... These where the waves, the cycles.

As the market grows the cycles become longer.

Then we had 2-3 groups of different types of altcoins and the cycles started to take 5 months between high and low.

Right now we have many groups and we are at 8 months...

It take eight months for each altcoins market bullish wave, the bigger ones.
It can get longer already as the market continues to grow.

Now, which pairs will move first?
Which pairs will move in general?

The bots are owned mainly be the market makers, aka. the Exchanges, the Whales, the Miners, the Goverments, the Banks, the Institutions; anything and everything BIG. The big players.

It takes 8 months for all of us to buy and pick our most favorite, best looking and whatever because it won't work, altcoins...

The exchanges take all of this information, all the buying, all the purchasing, all the data and this is sold to EVERYBODY.

Now the exchanges and EVERYBODY is ready to play.

The first set of pairs that are going to move will be those that have the least buyers... You guessed it right.

These will continue to move and grow and grow... You will see them all growing but definitely not yours, because if people buy too much of a pair it is left at the bottom.

You hold long?

They will introduce new ones.
They will do coin split.
They will delist...
They will take your money because that is their job.

Everybody is going to be buying and selling against the data.

The pairs move in groups and cycles.

If a pair is breaking out naturally because some people are buying it is quickly suppresed, it drops back to whatever level they want it in.
It will move when its turn comes.

The only way to win in this one is long-term or you need to be a big one.

The market is alive.
It is a living organism.

It needs energy/money to grow.

If you invest in the market.
If you stay in the market.
If you are part of the market.
If you help it grow...

As it grows and matures you will be rewarded.
You will be rewarded big when the time comes.

To be a winner in this market, you have to show your support.

Not all exchanges are equal; many are the same.

Some have different strategies; some are really good.

Diversifying is key if you are using CEXs.

Just sharing some of my experience.

I hope you enjoy it.


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