Choose Your Own Bitcoin Adventure

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If you have never heard of Choose Your Own Adventure it means two things. One, you're probably younger than me, and two, you've been missing on a thrilling series of books, where you, as a reader, were given a choice at the end of each paragraph. Based on that decision, you were taken to a different part of the book and the story was evolving accordingly.

Well, guess what? Bitcoin has his own book to read, and the adventure is quite exciting!
Right now, Bitcoin just entered the dark forest, lots of dangers await for an easy prey... Fortunately, our hero is strong and protected by the gods of Crypto. Will its journey lead to the depths of the Dungeon of Doom at level $1,500 or will it take the shortcut through the Mystery Hills?

All paths will eventually lead Bitcoin to climb the Mountain of Kings, where it will meet its final foe. Once defeated, Bitcoin may be proclaimed the one coin to rule them all... While we might not have time to dwell back into those children's stories, the choice is ours to make on Bitcoin's fate.


The Dungeon of Doom upgrade book is only available in hardback to avoid damage when thrown at velocity.....
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I think the dungeon of doom would be awesome but I prefer to call it a Yard Sale Recovery...Regsrdless what we call it, when do the doors open? I want to get there early.
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gmgame Snacks
@Snacks, The Yard Sale is the prize for having slain the monster that lies deep in the dungeon :) If we go down that route, i'd assume the descent to progressively head down throughout March, with a steep drop once we break previous low and an even steeper drop if we break 4~5k range. The recovery to 5k might be equally fast, because i expect a lot of institutional money to pour in at these levels. Won't be that easy to catch the bottom. There will be blood and sacrifice.
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Awesome! <3it... :)
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I like it !
interesting chart