The One Coin to Rule Them All, Chapter I

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Dear Friends,

This is the tell of a hero, and the incredible journey he will follow to answer his true calling: Become the leader and savior of a kingdom once dominated by evil forces. But such great reward doesn't come that easily, and many challenges await on the road.

You will have guessed, this hero's name is Badger "Corn" Bitcoin . And like every good fantastic story, his ultimate goal is to kill the evil lord of this scorched land, the dragon of many faces, the one whose name raise fear in every heart... But I will tell you more about him another time. Badger has to reach Mount King, there are many ways to get to it. Let's take a closer look at the possible places Bitcoin might visit.

1. The Dark Forest ($8-11k)
At the moment, our hero is lost in the dark forest. Indeed its not easy to find one's path in the deep woods of this malicious place. Every path looks the same. Let's hope he will find the exit that leads to the hoping hills

2. Hoping Hills ($12-15k)
The exit to the hoping hills is in the northern part of the woods. Above 12k and Badger will have an easy stroll through this rather friendly countryside, populated by enthusiastic bulls. Another, more tortuous way leaves the the forest at around 8.5~9k and also leads to the hills.

3. The Swamps of Anger ($3-4k)
Countless have lost their lives drowned in the swamps. Stay on the path and you might find the fork that leads to the low pass. Choose well though, a wrong turn and you'll end up in a place no one ever came back from

4. The Dungeon of Capitulation ($1-2k)
Here is the most dangerous place on the map. I have yet to come across a soul to tell the story of what lies in the depths of the dungeon. If Bagder ever wanders in those parts, his will will be most likely tested like never before. He will have to gather all his strength and courage to not give in to the dark forces that haunt this place.

5. The Desert of Despair (---)
Might our beloved hero loose all faith, he will probably miss the path that shoots off the dungeon and end up wandering in the endless desert of despair. Who knows when, where and if he will get out of this forsaken land.

6. The Low Pass
This is one hell of a tricky road. Falling rocks, steep cliffs and venomous vipers are expected to be bothering our brave Corn . But the road eventually leads to the summit.

7. The High Pass
The easier road to Mount King. Follow the edge of the mountain to summit. Watch out for the crevasses

8. Mount King
Here it is! The top of the mountain. Mount King is a key milestone and from there Badger will be able to see what lies beyond, and what lies beyond is another chapter of this fantastic journey.
Comment: Thank you for all the cheers. Just a heads up: Somehow, my Trading View chart didn't get saved... Bummer, I have to redraw the chart so the updates that will be posted will look slightly different from the original.

Comment: (Posted this as comment instead of updating idea. One more time...)

Wow... First of all, thank you fellow viewers for all this load of praises. It's the kind of fire that would warm the heart of any storyteller. I feel overwhelmed, and at the same time to have started this popular story with a typo. Hope you'll forgive me as TV doesn't allow edits. In any case, the "tale" goes on. And now for the update on or hero's journey:

Pushing through dense foliage, Badger made its way through the forest. The main road to the hills was even in sight! Unfortunately, the forest wasn't keen on letting our brave soldier escape that easily. Concealed under an unassuming bed of leaves, a pitfall! Corn lost its way once again, and climbing back seems like hardly achievable at this point. Our hero will have to continue its journey through the forest until it arrives at the next fork at 8.5~9k. From there, he might be able to follow the river upstream, climbing back to the more promising hills, or not and go straight down to the swamps...

Comment: Evening arrives, covering the land with a coat of dusk. The air runs cold and the dark forest is getting even darker. Endlessly tall trees cast their shadows on the path where our hero stands, looking for an exit. Badger is feeling observed. Someone, or SOMETHING is lurking in the shadows... Could it be a good spirit, ready to guide our hero through the darkness? Hmmm, I'd bet on more ill intentioned creatures. Easy preys are hard to find in these parts, and Corn looks like a good meal. Watch out little badger, time to stay alert!
Comment: Armed with courage and his sixth sense, Badger advances through the night. He prays to the full moon, her trusted ally and guardian angel. Unfortunately, even the brightest moonbeams have trouble piercing through the dense roof of leaves and branches. One thing is clear though, danger is present and getting closer... Is the road fork a perfect setting for an ambush?
Comment: His sense tingling more than ever, Badger can almost perfectly see the shape of the creature hiding behind that tree. It's a Bear! And not any kind of bear. This is the fiercest, most blood thirsty kind: A CRYPTOBEAR. Adrenalin rushes through our hero's veins as he swiftly turns around and jumps for a surprise attack. Was about time... The crypto bear pounces out of the bushes right at that same instant. Conflict is now inevitable, the fight is on!
Comment: As the battle rages on throughout the night,
There is no end in sight.
The Crypto Bear is a formidable foe,
With massive strength, and razor sharp claws.
Could he slash the Badger,
cut that hide like butter?
That is something he may never know,
for the bear is clumsy and slow.

PS: Incredible praises, thank you everyone for so much feedback. Really appreciated. (and thanks for the tip, whoever you are :D)
Comment: Despite his grand agility,
Badger is pushed against a tree.
Bear strikes and rips the cloth around the ratel's chest
Unraveling a pendant that he wore since he left the nest.

Call it a coin, or a talisman,
Some even say it's a moon fragment.
Engraved with the letter B for Bit,
Name given lawfully, along with the coin, by his parents.

Upon its revelation to the moon,
The coin of Bit casts a ray of blinding light,
Into the eye of the unlucky wight,
With such power, such might,
That the bear stands petrified, about to swoon.

Badger grabs the welcome opportunity
to send his farewell and flee...

Comment: The forest was now silent and dawn was now timidly popping through the foliage. He paused an instant to look at his pendant. What did just happen? Bit felt its aura, as if he was mentally connected to it. However powerful it was, the badger knew its intent was benevolent. Although away from immediate danger, Badger had gone off track during its battle with the bear and he was lost, without a point of reference. he had to trust his own instinct, hoping it will lead him in the right direction. Maybe if he keeps going uphill he might find a vantage point...
Comment: Here we go, the adventures of Bit and his coin happen on more than just a chart. Bitcoin has a comic. Can't post images here, so but if you head to twitter @cryptgm you'll be able to follow the recap of the dark forest.

Tales from the Honey Badger volume I, Episode 1, Page 1
Comment: Chepter II:


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