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Hey to all.
If you are not an insider or you do not have insider information, you will not know exactly where and when would be the price reversal. But you can watch for the accumulation areas and see the reaction of the market to certain actions of the participants. The price includes everything - fundamental news, insiders, the market mood all participants, etc.
Today we decided to show you not just a forecast, but also how we trade on investors accounts.
In our trade, we use statistical analysis, the analysis of the market phases, the searching for liquidity zones and the analysis of the orders flow on a lower timeframe for an exact entry point. Ultimately, our trading based on condition "If - Then".
When the price comes to the right level, we do not know in advance that there will be a rebound or a breakdown. And we look whether this will happen or not. If we saw a rebound, we enter the deal according to the rebound strategy, if breakdown/breakout, we enter the deal according the strategy based on the retest after truly the breakdown/breakout.
Statistically good strong levels do not break through the first time, but in order to understand which level is strong and which is weak, you need to collect statistics and make a backtests on history data.
On the chart we have indicated the levels where we will act depending on the price reaction.
At the moment the price is in the middle of the balance, which means you do not need to do anything, otherwise you will get a lot of unnecessary losses or a bad entry point.
We also wanted to note that at the moment it is better not to use quotes from Binance, because when they took a technical break for several hours, they stopped trading and after starts they simply glued quotes and some of the important exchange information was not displayed there.
You can compare Binance quotes and for example Coinbase and you will see everything for yourself.
Do not regard this forecast as a call for action! Think and make an informed decision on your own!


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