Is Your Goal to Increase Your Bitcoin Bags? Then Watch This

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Hi Everyone! I suppose this is directed to the Bitcoin Maximalist; who's goal is to accumulate as much bitcoin as possible. I explain in this video (with examples) WHY it is IMPORTANT to trade Alt-Coin/ BTC pairs when beneficial; while also monitoring Alt-Coin/USD pairs to try to position yourself in the proper pair that offers increased odds of increased percentage gain. You will often find it is time to buy an Alt-Coin "with" your Bitcoins that are quite obviously going to go up more PERCENTAGE WISE than Bitcoin /USD is going to rise (Explained in the video).

P.S. - I talked faster because I was limited to 20:00 minutes. Some of you are probably glad I'm limited to 20:00 minutes... LOL

Happy Trading and Stay Awesome!

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One EXAMPLE of many in regard to ENTRY for a margin long...

"Using Replay Tool to Explain Opening Margin Long."

There are many examples to provide for margin shorts as well. Available in the future...

Here's a video explain how to add these OPEN SOURCE indicators to your charts:

"Setting Up Indicators in Multi-Chart Window for Multiple Groups."
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The example I provided in this video using BTCUSD, ETHUSD and ETHBTC is actually not much different from using GBPUSD, EURUSD and EURGBP if you think about it.

Same concept in FOREX pairs JPYGBP, JPYUSD and GBPUSD

Etc... Etc...

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