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Hi Guys.

So we are in the middle of whales' play. This game is to get rich . They didn't belive in BTC and cryptocurrencies. They were sceptical.
It turned out they were wrong. They want to buy as low as possible. It is obvious.
They spread panic, FUD. They want us to be afraid and hectic.
Don't be. Be wiser. Stay cool. Observe and be vigiliant.

As we mentioned in our previous analysis BTC - WE ARE SAFE - WE WON'T GO BELOW 5800$ (down below), Satoshi Nakamoto is on guard.
Why? He is on the possesion of nearly 1 mln BTC - he owns the biggest wallet. He can do with the price whatever he wants. For sure he's got another currencies to buy BTC too.
As he owns the biggest amount of BTC he wants the highest price as possible. To do that he needs to keep the whole networked running.
To do so it all has to be profitable for miners, nodes and master nodes. The biggest cost for them is of course hardware, maintenance and energy cost. Basing od the master node distribution we made assumption that it was not profitable for miners to dig BTC when price went below 5800$. This is absolute minimum. We belive it is more around 7000$. It is difficult to give exact number as we don't know exact distribution of the digger around the world.

Be wise. DON'T panic. In couple of years time, 1 BTC will be worth 1mln $ or even more. Maybe we will encounter situation like listing 1 SATOSHI for 1 dollar. It may happen.
BTC is our digital gold . Why gold? Gold is very solid, noble metal. It doesn't oxidize, it doesn't get rusty. By saying this its value doesnt go lower because of its phisical state. It is very limited and widely used (deposits and jewellery). This is the same with BTC . Limited amount of BTC , immutable, impossible to forge, widely used - deposit or to buy another crypto (in 95% cases you have to buy BTC first).
Only 0,42% of the global population heard about BTC or cryptocurrncies. We have plenty room to go higher.

Let's look on the chart:
  • We are in Elliot Wave pattern correction mode - we have to wait for wave C. We think reload zone is between 6800$ and 7300$.
  • Long term organic growth support at level 6800$
  • Stoch RSI - oversold zone
  • RSI - oversold zone
  • Weis Waves - not demand yet but observe when supply will be lower and demand explodes

So after every storm sun comes up. We are getting closer to get to the end of the storm.

So guys keep observing BTC and of course our profile.
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WBM Team

Comment: It's looking better. We have a key short-term level to break which is 7700$. Look at Weis Waves. This is 1H chart. On it it looks that bulls have got the wind the sails. We can see significantly bigger demand (green) waves. Let's observe supply (red) waves if they are becoming smaller... If so we can obesrve trend reversal. If not we have a continuation of the descending trend.
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