Possibilities within a Possibility

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
I usually like the wedge pattern to gauge where btc price is going after a bull run and clear down trend. This helps to stay in my long term positions with knowing where to take losses or when to enter into a new trade with possible break out areas for margin. Unless the halving causes manic price movement... this is how i see the future possibles playing out.

Paedicabo ego vos et irrumabo,
Aureli pathice et cinaede Furi,
qui me ex versiculis meis putastis,
quod sunt molliculi, parum pudicum.
Nam castum esse decet pium poetam
ipsum, versiculos nihil necesse est,
qui tum denique habent salem ac leporem,
si sunt molliculi ac parum pudici
et quod pruriat
incitare possunt,
non dico pueris, sed his pilosis,
qui duros nequeunt movere lumbos.
Vos quod milia multa basiorum
legistis, male me marem putatis?
Paedicabo ego vos et irrumabo.
Comment: price seems to be following my squiggly lines
Comment: let the fomo begin
Comment: fomo fail
Comment: so far price support around bottom trend line
Comment: wow confirmed bounce. the world is at a stand still currently, today stocks went up 7% btc = 7400
Comment: btc=9052usd
Comment: sold at 9666 for buy back around bottom of trend line, 6666 buy order in.
Comment: price fell to 9100 shortly after my sell
Comment: inside bar on the weekly, still short
Comment: trend line broke up, parabolic move incoming...
Comment: i must create a new plan now that my wedge patern trading has broken to the up side. ill be swing trading around 13k, 20k, 75k, 120k, 200, 500, and liquidate at million.
Comment: my swing trade at 13k didnt work very well because of a face rip continuing upward
Comment: moon 22k
Comment: 34k new year
Comment: 48k
Comment: 52k
Comment: 60k
Comment: 75k sell target of one btc incoming


Wow, this was something else!
You will find out in the two days to come. We are coming out of the small triangle now. See what way we go
@kanek, it was a good plan