the devil is in the details (lines tangent to circles)

my last idea was playing with price action dancing along the arcs of the circles created from time and its multiples and placed to recent bottoms

here i'm looking at drawing horizontal lines tangent to the circles...aka at the bottom-most point of the circle aka where a move of the same "distance" (considering price chart as a unitless chart, like a math problem) has the lowest price aka the limit

and drew the lines much thinner bc vision is the price we pay for precision (idk why the lines look tangent until i publish, then there's an offset? @TradingView?)

here we are at the 4.236 or 4.618ish which as the TV default fib settings will tell you are important levels (1.618 ^ 3 or that plus .382)

ongoing questions:
1. arcs vs horizontal tangents vs sloped tangents, or some combination of these, each having a specific meaning (what are these meanings)

2. placement: best-fit? first two bottoms? two most recent bottoms? first and last bottoms?

3. time projection using same method (but from price instead of time) the same circles/vertical tangent lines call time of reversals? i'm guessing different circles, unless you find the random scale that works for both, aka not like here where i've been doing whatever neat multiple or factor of 10 looks best (1:100, 1:1000, 1:0.1 etc) because that is easiest to conceptualize with would be whatever scale makes the move look the most square. this would vary according to TF as well. this is what i mean when i say pricetime but i'm guessing this would be messy and not constant (perhaps being affected by position of observer aka scale, like a camera flying around a chart) a funhouse mirror

wen class on perspective drawing

michael s jenkins
bradley f cowan

shapes = leading indicator

don't hate; hydrate