Are You Going To Put Your Bitcoins In The Bank?

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I was at the bank and was telling one of my account managers that he should suggest to his supervisor the idea of the bank becoming a custodian of Bitcoin for its customers.

It is nothing new to us here but pure innovation and a complete impossibility at this stage of the game for a bank this country.

I told him that I knew they would say no for certain, as these people are scared to death of Bitcoin , yet it is happening, will continue to happen and the banks that do not adapt will stay behind.

He would look good with the company and in the worst case scenario they'll remember his name when the necessity to custody crypto is no longer an option. This can later move him up the ranks...

Now I see the news that the fifth largest US bank will start custodin Bitcoin for it's clients...

One day it is impossible for Bitcoin to ever hit $5,000 according to the skeptics. (This was years ago)
The next day you can deposit your Bitcoins right at your local bank.

It all moves so fast.

Competition is good for consumers.
Some competition will do good to these old banks.

Welcome to the future now.

The money monopoly will be a thing of the past.

Comment: I am not putting my Bitcoins at the bank but the banks accepting it is good for the market.

The exchanges are the same as banks and we put our Bitcoins there.

Bitcoin is just the face, the name, the starting point. The system is called blockchain.

The evolution is already here and it is unstopable.

We already have a new system of money, you can even create your own.

It is the cryptocurrency market.
It is the blockchain.

We have Bitcoin and the Altcoins, NFT, DeFi, Smart Contracts, on and on...

Reality is always changing; Cryptocurrency is the Internet 2.0.

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