🅱️ Bitcoin Enters Correction Mode | $15k or $10k Next? 🎁

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Bitcoin is likely to undergo a correction right now even though it is still early to say so.

✔️ This correction can lead Bitcoin hitting around $25,000/$26,000 or even $23,000.

No, Bitcoin is not aiming for $15,000 nor $10,000 at this point and isn't likely to go back to these levels ever again, ever, unless the financial crisis takes it down with the rest of the world.

This correction so far looks to be short in duration likely ranging between 5 and 10 days.

You can use this correction as an opportunity to buy your favorite pairs.

For our trade signals, when the price of a pair enters the "ENTRY" or "BUY" price, it is always good to buy.

Remember to keep the stop-loss in mind which can help you produce better results in the long-term.

Stopping a loss at 10% can really make a difference, because the good trades always go to 50%, 100%, 200% and beyond.

Some we win, others we lose but Bitcoin is set to continue growing for years to come.

That is, higher highs and higher lows.

The bottom low was set 21-November-2022.

Other trade ideas, opinions, perspectives are always good.

There is no need to believe me or anybody else, instead, we can use all the information we find around to reach our very own conclusion.

What I am sharing is based on the charts and experience.

We will know if right or wrong based on the results.

Thanks a lot for your continued support.

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What Happens If Bitcoin Crashes Together With All The Banks?

Fair question. I would say it is a great question considering the global financial situation and the banks meltdown.

Let me start by answering with another question.

What happens once a bottom is hit?

If the banks take Bitcoin down with them, that would be the bottom. After the bottom you get sustained long-term growth.

In the worst case scenario just think long-term.

Now, Bitcoin peaked long before the conventional/traditional markets.

Bitcoin reached the orthodox end of the bubble, money printing, 2021, Covid, bull-market much earlier compared to banks.

If Bitcoin peaked first, it can also bottom first.

In the case that you still have doubts... Think long-term.

If you get a new low as the bottom, after we hit bottom, the only place left is to up.

We are/continue1,000% ultra-bullish on Bitcoin.

Corrections and retraces are a normal part of the wave cycle, are healthy and welcomed.

These can be used as an opportunity to buy-in, rebuy and reload.

We will focus on the Altcoins vs Bitcoin (ALTSBTC) pairs while the correction takes place.

The triple benefit of ALTSBTC is this:

(1) You can grow your number of BTCs.
(2) You can protect yourself from BTC drop in value.
(3) You can make a profit while waiting for Bitcoin to move back up.

That's why we move from Bitcoin to Altcoins and back from Altcoins to Bitcoin as the market does.

Remember that our view remains the same for this Bitcoin correction.

A short one when it comes to time duration. (5-10 days since publishing this trade idea)

If Ripple wins the lawsuit against the SEC and the charts are saying they are sure to win, this will not only affect XRPUSDT/XRPBTC, this is a development that will affect Bitcoin as well and the rest of the Cryptocurrency market in a positive way.

This can be the catalyst that starts the next bullish wave.

The one we have been calling for since we hit a higher low less than two weeks ago.

Even if Ripple doesn't win, we are set to continue growing... Higher highs and higher lows.

We still have the almost the entire month of April with bullish potential and as the bank crisis develops, anything goes.

The more banks that crash, the more people will get fed up with the old system and look for alternatives such as precious metals (Gold & Silver) and crypto-coins (Bitcoin & Monero).

Remember the correction, don't let them fool you.
Instead of the CPI, PCI, XYZ, WWX, CBB or whatever, something that really affects Bitcoin is the options expiring.

The event can be bullish or bearish but it is wise to wait until after expiration to see how it affects the market.

We are still within our 10 days window so it does not hurt to wait a bit/day longer.

If in doubt, always go back to the numbers which can be found in our trade signal below:
(Within the entry/buy price you can buy, the rest is a hold).

Market swings are irrelevant, what is relevant is your trading plan.

Bitcoin options expire came and went.
Bitcoin is ultra-strong and shows no signs of correction.

We are going back to our usual schedule, aka "straight up".

Here is the daily chart:
✔️ Bitcoin has been going sideways with a bullish bias.
✔️ Continues trading above EMA10.
✔️ Bears are absolutely non-existent.
✔️ The worst the news, the stronger that Bitcoin gets.
✔️ The trading volume is low but this can be due to the consolidation phase.
✔️ It is almost two weeks consolidating now, normally drops happen suddenly.

We continue aiming higher and take back any short-term correction consideration.

We continue bullish unless prices break and close daily below EMA10.
Any trading above EMA10 ($27,600) and aim straight up.

I got it wrong on the correction, nothing so far... Do you agree?

Thanks a lot for your continued support.

We were expecting a stop at the price around of $30,000 to $32,000 but this did not happen, instead we got a stop right below $30,000 in the $28,000 to $29,000 price range.

The next leg should should now ignore the $30/$32k price as a major resistance and move straight up.

We are now looking to aim for the $35,000 to $38,000 price range on the next bullish jump.

Retraces and corrections are still possible, always possible and can happen out of the blue specially after 90% growth.

With that being said, Bitcoin continues bullish, undergoing bullish consolidation, aiming straight up.

They are removing all the banks so it is harder to withdraw, this will give further strength to Bitcoin as people are encouraged to hold.
I've been tracking many Altcoins together with Bitcoin, hundreds of charts literally as well as multiple indexes.

On each cycle, each wave, each pattern, each phase, there is always a group or a set of pairs/charts leading the market.

As I shared this post the leading Altcoin in this case was XRPBTC and XRPUSDT, it just went ahead.

I am looking at XRP and after a 10 months high, it continue super strong, straight up producing additional growth pointing straight ahead.

This is great news.
Since XRP moved first, if it keeps on going, it tells us that the rest will also do the same.

✴️ XRP Continues (Quick Update) | Ripple Wins?

✳️ XRP vs Bitcoin (Update)

It seems we will have a great week next week... Hopefully some good news will accompany market gains.

So far it has been pretty bad, yet everything continues moving higher and higher, recovering slowly but surely...

Bad news while prices grow is a strong signal of a bear market recovery.

When bad news fail to affect the market in a negative way, this is a classic signal that the worst is already over and soon the sentiment will change, switch to match what we are seeing happening with the charts. (90%+ growth for Bitcoin in a few months is actually quite positive...)

The market is the leading indicator, not the other way around.

What the market does, the world follows.

Thanks a lot for your continued support.

The final confirmation is in with the bullish breakout of Dogecoin vs Bitcoin (DOGEBTC).

I mentioned 27-March that the ALTSBTC pairs were set to grow... This is now confirmed.

There are just too many opportunities for me to share here, you can visit my profile to find them.

I will share two charts though, DOGEBTC (confirmation) and AMPBTC (opportunity).


As usual, feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.


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