BTCUSD: Next bad news for bears: Buy the Dip! Here we are...

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Hello my friends!

This post is for those who have not yet bought. For everyone else: We are on track.

So where are we at the moment? I haven't posted anything for a while because there wasn't anything to post. Everything is progressing as expected. And that is good.

So let's move on to the chart.

I will give you a deeper insight into my view of the waves. Once the big waves on the basis of Weekly-Candles, on the basis of Daily-Candles and on the basis of 4Hour-Candles.

As you can see, all waves are harmonizing perfectly with each other.

Weekly: Currently we are moving from the 4 to the 5. If we draw a line from 1 over 3, we can get the 5 (115K). If we see an extended 5, it will start from 115K. But we are not there yet. That is why in all my older post the 115K is the minimum halving top. The extended 5 can go to 250K and higher.

Daily: in the Daily Candles, I think we haven't seen the 1 yet. So where is the 1? Let's look at the Volume Profiles here and the Fibs. This shows me a local top at max 54K . The retracement to the 0.5 would then be the 2 to get momentum for the 3 (96K). 4 and 5 result. The normal 5 is in my opinion at about 115K.

4 Hours: If we look at this in detail again, we also see here everything looks pretty harmonious. We had the 1 at 37K, 2 at 29K, 3 at 50.6K, the 4 at 46.3K.And we are now on the way to 5. We can then expect an ABC correction down to 43/ 41K .

And this is where we buy the DIP! As bulls. The bears are still waiting for 20K. Let's keep them waiting.


Let's see what happens.
Happy trading. :-)



My 1. Post "Bad news for bears!" May 31, 2021

My Post Apr 15, 2019 (2 year ago!). I was one of the first btw. ;-)

Comment: we reached 5 zone ...

Comment: update: target für C could be in a area between 40.6 and 42.8. lets see.

Comment: fast update ... maybe this was our 4. this is my current view:

Comment: 2 is confirmed. as you can see chart was on point.
we stopped at fib 0.5.
300MA hold.
we see two golden crosses.
next resistance is 300LSMA.
could go a bit sideways.



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Great work keep it going
100 coins
@watchtrend, oh thank you very much for your coins. i m very happy about this. and yes i will. :-)
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@Veryoriginal, oh thank you very much for your coins. its a great pleasure. :-)
thanks for the great chart. your analyses are always very valuable for me!
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BTCINVESTING iambumblebee
@iambumblebee, oh thx for your coins and your comment my friend. 😀👍❤
I would advise caution. I do not believe this is a dip. It is simply a lower high. Bitcoin is currently in a downtrend. It reached its high for this cycle back in April. We are currently experiencing a reversal to the upside which is about to end and we will go much lower. The next bull cycle won't start for another year. These are just my views. I could be wrong. DYOR.
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@johnmknox, thx for your comment. lets see. i m still bullish. :-)
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@johnmknox, people always count their chickens before hatched
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markus41 johnmknox
@johnmknox, I tend to agree with you. I am more a passive person as far as this website goes, but on the 4 hr chart I am seeing a bearish regression on MACD as well as on the RSI equal to the fall earlier this year